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Physical therapy is more than just a medical service you use to rehab an injury. When you receive physical therapy services, your body learns effective movement to help heal from and prevent future injury.

At SOL Physical Therapy, we utilize patient education and research-based treatment philosophies to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient treatment outcomes. Our team-oriented staff works closely together in a family-like atmosphere that makes our clients the top priority.

Here’s what you can expect at SOL: Compassionate One-on-One Care. Efficient and Cost-Effective Treatments. Customized Home Exercise Programs. Positive Results – Inside and Out!

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Each SOL Physical Therapist first conducts a thorough interview and examination to identify the source of your pain or condition. After the clinical exam, your Physical Therapist will help you better understand your diagnosis and the direct treatments that are effective for treating your condition. They will explain the associated dysfunctions that may be contributing to your condition and possibly delaying your healing. They will also help you learn how to self-mange your symptoms and resolve your dysfunctions at home.

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The SOL Plan Of Care

At SOL Physical Therapy, we apply both targeted and whole-body strategies to correct and improve how you move in order to help your body be stronger and feel better faster. SOL’s approach to physical therapy consists of a comprehensive Plan of Care that includes evaluation and treatment of all the key functional body systems, including joints, soft tissue, posture and control, movement and strength enhancing exercises and mind-body awareness.


Joints are the bony structures and connections of your spine and extremities. It’s common to see a combination of loose and stiff joints in the same region of the body. Loose joints are called a hypermobility, which can improve with stabilization exercises. Stiff joints are hypomobile, and can be treated by manual mobilizations. All SOL Physical Therapists have advanced training in how to mobilize stiff joints without causing stress to loose joints, thereby enhancing the speed of your recovery.


Soft Tissue structures include your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Tight or weak muscles can lead to poor movement and control, and ultimately injury. Often, muscle spasms can prevent your nerves from gliding and moving properly, causing further pain. SOL Physical Therapists perform a variety of soft tissue techniques to decrease pain and muscle spasms, and increase tissue flexibility and nerve mobility.


Posture Control involves your body’s ability to move with proper stability and mechanics.  Incorrect body mechanics,  poor muscle control and movement imbalances during daily activities often lead to injury.  You will be taught how to properly activate your inner-core stabilizing muscles with daily activities, to improve body mechanics and decrease pain.  Enhancing proper timing and activation of muscles will help you restore your body’s control, and heal more efficiently.


Exercise improves muscle strength, flexibility, and overall aerobic endurance. SOL PTs are exceptionally skilled at designing exercise programs based on your specific diagnosis, dysfunctions, and rehab goals. With each treatment session, you’ll progress to more advanced exercises that address your functional limitations. You’ll also be trusted to perform your exercises at home, so your time in PT can be spent on more challenging activities that require supervision and instruction.


Enhanced Mind+Body awareness can actually help you control the pain that your brain experiences in your body. For example, if you are being distracted or more interested in something besides your pain, your brain will lessen the pain. Conversely, the more you worry and think about your pain, the more your brain will increase your sense of it. Your SOL Physical Therapist will help you to better understand your pain, giving you the ability to control and reduce it.

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From acute injuries to chronic pain, and from symptom relief to injury prevention, our award-winning Doctors of Physical Therapy provide you with a full range of effective and efficient full-body treatments.  Just click on any of these to learn more.

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  • “I am writing you to express the incredibly positive physical therapy experience I had at SOL. I have seen many physical therapists throughout my recovery after being struck by a moving vehicle several years ago, which resulted in ankle surgery and ACL surgery on my left leg. I can say with absolute certainty that the SOL team is the very best that I have worked with. Their knowledge of physical therapy and techniques made for successful recovery. Thank you and keep up the great work.”

  • My SOL Physical Therapist was able to instruct and impart a continuous regimen for me throughout the week and months, giving me the unique exercises as I progressed. Her approach is one of caring and loving coupled with the discipline needed for improving the body’s functioning. I liked her weekly sessions as my body healed after surgery. I needed her correction to my trajectory – her keeping me on the path to recovery. Yes, I’d recommend SOL physical therapists to others!

  • “This is my 4th time coming to SOL for 4 different problems. I have appreciated so much the help I have received here, especially with my physical therapists. They work so hard on my behalf and are so knowledgeable, as well as patient and kind. Although I have not been exactly happy to have a broken arm, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cuff issues, I have learned so much that will be of benefit to me for the rest of my life. Believe or not, 6 days out of 7, I do a home workout series of exercises and stretches. I will go into my older age much improved due to all I have learned.”

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