Pinched Nerve in Neck Headache

How to tell if a pinched nerve in your neck is causing your headache

Do you have consistent headaches in addition to neck pain? You may be experiencing symptoms of a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in your neck can cause several different types of headaches, depending on where the nerve is pinched and how long the nerve has...
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Physical Therapy for Tension Headaches

Three ways physical therapy can be helpful for tension headaches

There it is again. The pain in your forehead and the feelings of tightness and pressure in the sides or back of your head. The inability to focus on work or tasks around the home. In short, you’re experiencing a tension headache.  Medical professionals know...
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Does Neck Pain Cause Headaches

Does neck pain cause headaches or not?

Neck pain does often refer into the head and cause headaches, but it’s often not the root cause of your headaches.  This seems like a fine distinction, but it’s really not. In fact, there’s a whole category of headaches that are called cervicogenic headaches. These...
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Who can teach me how to stop tension headaches?

There are many medical professionals who can help you learn how to stop your tension headaches, but physical therapists offer several advantages over other medical professionals. Unfortunately, you’re all too likely to deal with a tension headache. In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of the...
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Tension Headaches

Three physical therapy treatments to help relieve tension headaches

An occasional headache is a normal part of life, but long-lasting and frequently recurring headaches are signs of an issue that needs to be addressed. Living with a headache every day is no way to live. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help. Treatments for...
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