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Concussion Treatment

Does athletic training include concussion treatment?

A hard impact can have many effects on the body. It’s possible to break bones and stretch or tear muscles as the result of an impact. It’s also possible to receive a concussion. A concussion is a head injury in which the brain collides against...
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Relief For Tension Headaches

3 Treatments To Relieve Tension Headaches

The New Year means new possibilities … and also new responsibilities. From recommitting to work life to fighting through annual resolution challenges, all the way to considering the approach of another tax season, we often find ourselves fighting through tension-type headaches as we commit ourselves to living healthier, happier lives....
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Group Fitness With Seniors

Can Movement Help Your Memory?

You bet!  The relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind has long been theorized – 1st Century Roman poet Juvenal, for example, once wrote that people should pray for mens sana in corpore sano – a sound mind in a sound body – over power...
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What’s causing your headaches?

What’s causing your headaches? Headaches are a common ailment and we can safely say that everyone has experienced a headache at least once in their lives. According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches. Cranial tissues are very...
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