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Effective care is part art, but mostly science. Of the many benefits found in today’s healthcare environment, none surpass the power that has accompanied a scientific approach to evidence-based care.  Founded in this approach, SOL Physical Therapy + Performance is known for its highly effective use of the most up-to-date, scientifically-designed technologies and evidence-based treatments in modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

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Active Release Technique
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  • SOL’s methods are spot on.  We have been to top physios for two years, but have not found any to be as effective as the team at SOL Physical Therapy.  My SOL Physical Therapist has sorted out long-term chronic pain issues and injuries these others could not even come close to addressing.  In addition, she is lovely!  She has so much enthusiasm as a fellow athlete who on top of it all, understands the dynamics of my sport.

  • I would like to acknowledge the best physical therapists of the many I have worked with in 18 years. My SOL Physical Therapist has given me relief from hamstring pain I have had since tearing my MCL in 1995. He was the first to introduce me to the Gratson Technique to accomplish this….At age 68, having undergone 4 spinal surgeries with associated nerve damage and a knee replacement, my mobility and balance were severely impaired. SOL has worked with me to walk again for extended distances and time. I can walk my dog in uneven dirt and on the beach with confidence….You get the best up-to-date treatment available in physical therapy at SOL. Thank you to all of them!

  • Being at SOL brought me from pain to strength. I’m dancing again! I felt worried because I was having heavy right knee pain with decreased mobility and ROM. Pain with dancing and walking. After SOL, my pain is gone. My mobility and strength is back. My glutes are stronger and quads/hip flexors are looser. I feel strong and confident with my strength, ROM and ability to do all my physical activities I enjoy. Thank you SOL!

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