Knee Pain

8 potential causes of knee pain when squatting

The knees are essential joints in the fundamental role of movement and stability for your body. They’re made up of a variety of bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. They help in essential daily activities like walking, running, jumping and squatting. However, despite their importance, knees...
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peloton knee pain

Peloton knee pain: Why do my knees hurt after riding my exercise bike?

Riding a Peloton bike can be a great way to exercise. You build muscle, burn calories, improve your lung capacity and get to listen to your favorite tunes through all of it. However, riding any type of stationary bike can lead to pain in your...
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3 tips that can make going down stairs with knee pain easier

Going down stairs is far more taxing when doing so leads to knee pain. Yet this is a situation in which many people find themselves.  A lot of things may come to mind when you hear the statistic “40 million people,” but odds are knee...
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Knee Tightness and Pain When Bending

Can a physical therapist help the tightness and pain in my knee when I bend it?

Most people don’t stop to count how many times they bend their knees every day, but conservatively, this number is in the thousands of times every day. Feeling tightness and pain when you are bending your knee or knees can make every one of these...
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Inner Knee Pain Running

What can lead to inner knee pain while you’re running?

Running has become a more popular form of exercise than ever before. For one thing, almost anyone can do it, and it’s easy to maintain a safe distance from other runners in most cases.  However, running can also lead to a host of issues, including...
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