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Whether you’re a serious athlete striving to reach the next level or a weekend warrior training for the upcoming 5K, the potential of muscle and joint pain and injury looms large. Muscle spasms, cramping, joint discomfort and general body fatigue are constant realities – road blocks that, if left untreated, can stand between you and your goals.

You can make strides toward dismantling these road blocks through the use of Kinesiotape, a skin-like sports tape that provides SOL Physical Therapists with an effective, easy-to-use treatment option for enhancing an athlete’s performance by reducing swelling and pain while preventing further injury.

Developed to mimic the thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin, Kinesiotape allows clients to regain pain-free mobility and resume their training regimen by reducing pain, re-establishing functional joint stability and range of motion, and reducing muscle fatigue, strain and cramping.

What is Kinesio Taping Method?

Kinesio TapingKinesio Taping Method (KTM) is a therapeutic technique that offers patients and athletes the support they need to get through their daily activity or sports event, while helping to rehabilitate conditions and injuries. KTM involves the application of a special nonrestrictive tape over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused or tired muscles and support muscles in movement. It has been proven to have positive physiological effects on the skin, lymphatic and circulatory system, fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Is Kinesio Taping just for athletes?

No, Kinesio taping may be used on populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric to treat virtually any clinical condition. Even people who drive long distances or sit at a desk all day, for example, stand to benefit from Kinesio taping. The tape can be applied in hundreds of ways and has the ability to rework the neuromuscular system, enhance performance, prevent injury, promote good circulation and healing, and assist in returning the body to optimal functionality.

How is kinesiology tape different from standard athletic tape?

David Beckham, Kerry Walsh and Lance Armstrong are just a few among many star athletes that swear by its power. Different from traditional athletic tape, which involves wrapping a joint for compression and stabilization, kinesiology tape facilitates lymph and blood circulation in the affected area, allowing for full rang of motion. Kinesiology tape is has the following features:

  • latex-free/hypoallergenic
  • safe for sensitive skin
  • can be worn for 3-5 days
  • lightweight, non compression
  • water-resistant
  • non-restrictive

Getting Started

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