Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve in Neck Headache

How to tell if a pinched nerve in your neck is causing your headache

Do you have consistent headaches in addition to neck pain? You may be experiencing symptoms of a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in your neck can cause several different types of headaches, depending on where the nerve is pinched and how long the nerve has...
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Neck Pain at Base of Skull

Why am I feeling neck pain at the base of my skull?

Neck pain is one of the most common types of pain among American adults. In fact, about 6% of women and 4% of men are dealing with neck pain on a daily basis.  If you’re experiencing neck pain at the base of your skull, you...
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Herniated Disc Physical Therapy

How can physical therapists ease herniated disc symptoms?

The spine is one of the most extensive and complex structures in the body, but it’s also a source of many of the aches and pains that people experience.  There’s no doubt that many people deal with spine-related problems that lead to pain. Medical research...
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Does Neck Pain Cause Headaches

Does neck pain cause headaches or not?

Neck pain does often refer into the head and cause headaches, but it’s often not the root cause of your headaches.  This seems like a fine distinction, but it’s really not. In fact, there’s a whole category of headaches that are called cervicogenic headaches. These...
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Pain in Neck and Shoulder Radiating Down the Arm

How does pain in the neck and shoulder radiating down the arm start?

The answer to this question often varies from person to person. However, it’s no secret what causes pain in the neck and shoulder that radiates down the arm. The cause is often a condition called cervical radiculopathy, or a pinched neck nerve.  Many of the...
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