Herniated Disc Sciatica

Should I be concerned that a herniated lumbar disc might cause sciatica?

It’s understandable if you’re concerned that your herniated lumbar disc may cause sciatica. Medical research shows that this disc issue is the most common cause of sciatica.  A herniated lumbar disc occurs when the inner material of the disc poke out, or herniates, and this...
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Lower Back and Buttock Pain

Five issues that can trigger lower back and buttock pain

Most of us don’t consider just how closely the lower back and buttocks are linked. At least, we don’t until we begin feeling lower back and buttock pain.  Pain can easily radiate through nerves from the lower back to the butt and vice versa, and...
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How Long Does Sciatica Last

How long does sciatica pain last?

The pain of sciatica tends to last about four to six weeks on average, but you could feel numbness in the area for several days after the pain subsides. Often, sciatica will go away with a little rest. However, people who have pain that lasts...
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Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

Sciatica symptoms and the three worst treatments for them

It’s not uncommon for people to develop sciatica. In fact, an article by the Harvard Medical School reports that up to 40% of Americans will develop sciatica during their lifetime. This condition is caused by irritation or pinching of the sciatic nerve, and there are...
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Treating Lower Back Disc Pain

Treating lower back disc pain: Two helpful techniques

When a spinal disc is compressed or pulled out of place, it can be very painful to deal with. For many people, rest and other at-home treatments may help reduce the pain, but they don’t treat the underlying problems that can cause the pain in...
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