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7am-7pm M-F 510-547-1630

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Taking your game to the next level requires more than just physical fitness. To truly excel at your sport, you need to focus on speed, agility, muscle strength, flexibility, explosive movement, and quick position changes. And you need to do so in way that doesn’t overtax your body and leave you with game-ending or long-term injuries.

SOL Performance Coaches are experts in movement science who understand how to expand the capacity of what an athlete’s body can do in the present while preventing long term damage. Toward the goal of helping you continuously increase the level of what you can achieve, our performance coaches will implement proper strength and conditioning methods, and improve overall movement patterns, mobility, strength, core stability and muscular imbalances.

Personal Training Pricing:
$375/month (once a week or 4 sessions per month)
$700/month (twice a week or 8 sessions per month)
$1,000/month (3 times a week or 12 sessions per month)
$300 1st month (once a week)

Your Goals Are Our Goals!

The SOL Approach

You want individual attention because you’re serious about improving your ability to perform at work, in life, or in sport. Our Performance Training Programs center around improving overall movement patterns and muscular imbalances, and increasing mobility, strength and core stablity. When you commit to private Performance Training at SOL Performance, you will receive:

  • A Functional Movement Screen at your initial visit.
  • Additional initial assessment to establish a baseline, and ascertain your goals for training.
  • An individualized workout plan developed specifically for you based on your goals.
  • A dynamic program that actively reflects and supports your progress and evolving goals.

Your goals are our goals, and we will look at your body as a dynamic whole to apply the specific exercises you need most. Whether you are pro athlete, an athlete on the side, or an athlete on the weekends, SOL’s training model is designed to help you become the game-changer you want to be. – SOLPT

Blast Past Plateaus

At SOL Performance, we apply whole-body, interconnected strategies to correct and improve how you move so you can feel better and be stronger!  We take the time to understand what your training goals are and who you are as a person to develop the most accurate and complete training plan for you.   Depending upon your goal, performance training will include work with dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX Suspension trainers, resistance bands, Olympic weights, and a host of other amazing tools.

1:1 Personal Training Sessions

1:1 Performance Training sessions give you the full attention of one our expert coaches. In a performance training session, our coaches will assess your movement patterns, ascertain your goals for training, and customize workouts to propel you toward your fitness goals.

2:1 Personal Training Sessions

2:1 Performance Training sessions allow you and a friend to work together with a SOL Performance Coach to achieve a shared fitness goal.

Small Group Training Sessions

SOL Performance Small Group Training provides a fitness experience that is the perfect blend of personal training and group exercise. With group sizes limited to 8, you get the camaraderie and friendly competition you would normally experience in a group exercise class – without getting lost in a huge crowd.

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