Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Exercises After Rotator Cuff Surgery

What exercises might my physical therapist have me doing after rotator cuff surgery?

Many people think of exercises as a mechanism for getting in shape; they may not think about them as a post-surgical rehab technique. Yet what is rehabilitation from surgery if not getting your body back into shape?  The majority of the 250,000 Americans who have...
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ACL Rehabilitation Exercises List

These exercises can boost your ACL rehabilitation

Stopping suddenly, abruptly changing direction and knee impacts all have something in common. They can cause an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Often, such injuries happen while you’re playing a sport, and serious injuries to the ACL can require surgery.  Surgery can affect muscles, ligaments,...
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Post-Knee Surgery Physical Therapy

What avoiding post-knee surgery therapy could do to you

After a lot of thought, you may have decided that knee surgery was the best option to get the results you wanted. Making this decision even has some exceptional statistics to back it up: The Cleveland Clinic reports that between 85% and 90% of knee...
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Patient Results with SOL Physical Therapy

My great teacher at SOL taught me how to complete my goals after double knee replacement

“I knew very little about muscles and knees when I came, and after double knee replacement I was very concerned about how I was ever going to walk, sit, climb stairs again without pain. My physical therapist and the people at SOL have been so...
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Patient Results with SOL Physical Therapy

I can touch my toes without pain, I AM STRONG!!

“When I arrived at SOL my pain was bad, I could barely bend over (I’m pretty flexible), and I couldn’t lift anything, sit for long, or stand for long. Now I can do everything! I can touch my toes without pain, I AM STRONG!! My...
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