Thumb Arthritis Test

What a thumb arthritis test from a physical therapist may involve

Before experiencing hand or thumb arthritis, the use of the thumb is often taken for granted. Yet the thumb is one of the most useful joints, and we rely on it to complete simple, necessary tasks. Some of these tasks include getting dressed, turning doorknobs...
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Is Osteoarthritis Genetic

Is osteoarthritis genetic and how can you and a PT expert address it?

Many people who develop osteoarthritis wonder: Is osteoarthritis genetic? The answer is both yes and no. What is osteoarthritis?  Osteoarthritis is a complex condition that results from the breakdown of cartilage within a joint. As we age, our joints begin to break down due to...
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Physical Therapy Is a Natural Treatment for Arthritis

Physical therapy is a natural treatment for arthritis

Whether symptoms are mild, moderate or severe, many arthritis patients are interested in following a natural treatment plan to find relief from their aches, pains and mobility problems. While medication can help to mask symptoms for some people, it can become potentially habit forming and...
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Treating arthritis

When it comes to treating arthritis, you may have more options than you realize! There is much you can do to reduce your aches and pains from arthritis while gaining more mobility and function. We offer consistent recommendations for our patients suffering with the pain...
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The Facts About Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common disabling medical conditions among adults over the age of 65.  The word arthritis comes from a blend of the Greek word arthron, for “joint,” and itis, for “inflammation.”  Arthritis literally means “joint inflammation.” Arthritis occurs in various forms,...
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