Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Popping No Pain

Why turn to PT if you have shoulder popping but no pain?

Are you feeling concerned about your shoulder popping issue even though you aren’t experiencing any pain? Are you unsure if you should consult a doctor or physical therapist? Do you feel like maybe you should ignore it until you do start to feel pain in...
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Shoulder Impingement Rehab

3 things you won’t be asked to do during shoulder impingement rehab

Are you one of the many people afflicted with something called shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS)? If so, you’re not alone. SIS is commonly diagnosed and accounts for nearly half of all shoulder pain reported by patients. If this is something that you or someone you...
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shoulder impingement physical therapy

How can shoulder impingement physical therapy benefit me?

Shoulder impingement occurs when the tendons in your rotator cuff are repetitively compressed. When this happens, it can be difficult to move your arm without experiencing a pinching sensation in the shoulder, which is why shoulder impingement is often referred to as a pinched shoulder....
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Burning Pain in Shoulder

What can physical therapists do for the burning pain in my shoulder?

A burning pain in your shoulder can definitely make your life difficult. You might have difficulty grabbing a cereal box from a cabinet. Getting dressed could become a gauntlet of pain. Fortunately, there are steps that physical therapists can take to help with your shoulder...
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Pain in Neck and Shoulder Radiating Down the Arm

How does pain in the neck and shoulder radiating down the arm start?

The answer to this question often varies from person to person. However, it’s no secret what causes pain in the neck and shoulder that radiates down the arm. The cause is often a condition called cervical radiculopathy, or a pinched neck nerve.  Many of the...
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