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Why Do I Have Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain at the Same Time? | SOL PT

Why do I have hip, knee and ankle pain at the same time?

Having hip, knee and ankle pain is common especially as we age. Hip, knee and ankle pain being felt all at once can be debilitating...
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7 Psychological Benefits of Group Fitness Classes | SOL PT

7 psychological benefits of group fitness classes

Creating a workout routine can take trial and error to find what works for you. Sticking to a workout routine can also be a challenge....
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facet joint release technique

Facet joint release technique: Complete guide

The joints connecting each of the vertebrae in your spine are called facet joints. Like all joints in the body, the facet’s job is to...
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What causes top of foot pain and how to treat it

Your foot is composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 nerves, ligaments, muscles and tendons. With so many different components on a...
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Why poor posture can easily cause back pain

In this modern age, many of us sit in front of a computer or slouch over an office desk throughout the workday. Staying in this...
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5 feasible explanations for that burning sensation in your neck and shoulder

Have you been unable to get rid of that burning sensation in your neck and shoulder? Burning pain can feel difficult to deal with., especially...
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