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Concussion Physical Therapy

What are some of the possible causes of vertigo?

Feeling dizzy and off balance? You might be experiencing vertigo. If you have vertigo, it’s important to seek effective treatment services to restore your sense...
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Shoulder Stretches for Pain

4 symptoms of shoulder impingement to be on the lookout for

Experiencing pain and swelling around your shoulder? If so, pain management should be a top priority. To effectively address your pain, it is important to...
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8 potential causes of knee pain when squatting

The knees are essential joints in the fundamental role of movement and stability for your body. They’re made up of a variety of bones, ligaments,...
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10 key questions to ask as you shadow a physical therapist

It’s never too early to start shadowing physical therapists, but what is PT shadowing? It means following a licensed PT as they do their job...
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rheumatoid arthritis physical therapy

Can rheumatoid arthritis benefit from physical therapy?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune condition primarily affecting your joints. It causes your body’s immune system to attack healthy synovium. Synovium is the...
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pt exam questions

The 5 types of PT exam questions you should prepare for

Embarking on a career in physical therapy as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) or a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) requires a commitment to excellence...
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