Getting Started

With SOL Performance

At SOL Performance, fitness and pain-free movement is about so much more than exercise. It’s a catalyst for positive change, and it affects every aspect of your life.  – SOLPT

Scheduling Your First Appointment

By Phone Or Online

Setting up your first training session at SOL Performance is super easy – simply call us at 510-462-3771, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment online.

At SOL Performance, your goals are our goals, and we will look at your body as a dynamic whole to apply the specific exercises you need most. Whatever your level, ability or sport, if you have the passion, we’ve got the experiencce and the program to help you move beyond your own perceived limitations. -SOLPT

What should I bring?

To my SOL Training Session

We recommend you bring the following to your session:

  1. Your completed paperwork.**
  2. A towel.
  3. A water bottle.
  4. Payment for services. (We accept credit cards and checks. Sorry, cash is no longer accepted.)

**It generally takes about 10 minutes to complete our intake packet. Although we’re happy to provide you with a packet at any of our locations, you can save time on the day of your evaluation by downloading, printing, and filling your paperwork ahead of time.

Don’t have access to a printer? Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the intake paperwork in its entirety.


“My SOL performance trainer balances motivation during sessions with meeting me where I am physically on a given day. I appreciate that workouts are tailored for my needs and goals.  My SOL trainer takes the time to explain how the work we’re doing translates to on field performance, which helps keep me motivated. He is patient when teaching me exercises that are challenging, and positive throughout our sessions. His focus on form and proper execution are also major plusses.” -J.I.

What should I wear?

To my SOL Training Session

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to easily move, bend, jump, press, plank, or squat.  You will be moving! So please wear gear you can move and sweat in.

It’s common practice for folks to workout in socks or bare feet, as going shoe-less helps give the type of physical feedback for perfect form and posture.  For folks who need to or who prefer working out in shoes, we recommend flat-soled shoes with a zero heel drop. 

SOL Performance does not have a shower. However, we do offer Showerpill Athletic Body wipes for your use, should you not have time/access to a shower between your visit at SOL Performance and your next activity for the day.


My Trainer is such a bundle of energy that it’s a pleasure to work with him – even when the exercises are hard! His positive attitude and genuine concern and compassion for the well-being of all his clients makes him fun to be around and makes me work just a bit harder.  When I feel a bit frustrated or unmotivated, he reminds me just how far I’ve come and that keeps me going and reenergizes me.  Finally, my SOL Trainer is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He’s fun, funny, kind, and generous – even when I tell him he’s torturing me! I plan to keep him forever! – E.S.

What To Expect

Healthy Movement!

At SOL Performance training, we strive to help you do so much more than just raise your heart rate and sweat. Our ultimate goal is to teach you a wide range of  fundamentally sound movements that boost performance, prevent injury, and give you the tools to move well all throughout your life.

While you’re receiving training services, it’s very likely that there there will be other people training around you. If you see other clients doing something interesting or using equipment that you haven’t yet used, asked your Performance Coach for more information.

You may also notice three rooms adjacent to the gym, which are used to treat Physical Therapy patients. If you see Physical Therapy patients doing exercises that seem interesting, feel free to ask your Performance Coach about them.