Pain in Neck and Shoulder Radiating Down the Arm

How does pain in the neck and shoulder radiating down the arm start?

The answer to this question often varies from person to person. However, it’s no secret what causes pain in the neck and shoulder that radiates down the arm. The cause is often a condition called cervical radiculopathy, or a pinched neck nerve. 

Many of the nerves that run into your shoulder and down your arm start out in the neck. Irritation or pinching of one of these nerves can easily lead to pain radiating through your neck, shoulder and arm. A study of cervical radiculopathy reports that more than 6% of people develop this condition in their lifetime. A physical therapist can help you learn how the pain in your neck and shoulder that radiates down your arm got started. In addition, they can offer treatment options to help reduce your pain. 

What can cause cervical radiculopathy?

Determining what started the pain in your neck and shoulder that’s radiating down your arm can make your treatment more effective. This is why physical therapists often do this when you first come to see them. 

Some of the issues that therapists often find causing pinched neck nerves include: 

Ways your physical therapist can treat cervical radiculopathy

The next step your physical therapist will take is to determine the most effective treatment plan for you. This will involve bringing together multiple therapy methods, and the combination of techniques will be unique to your needs. 

Commonly used therapy methods for cervical radiculopathy include: 

  • Therapeutic exercises that can build strength in the neck and shoulder muscles that support your cervical spine. 
  • Graston Technique® sessions intended to break up scar tissue left behind by previous neck injuries. 

Find help for your pinched neck nerve at SOL PT

Dealing with neck and shoulder pain that is radiating down your arm? Our SOL Physical Therapy team can help you learn what the underlying cause of your pain is. We can also build you a personalized therapy plan that’s designed to offer benefits like: 

  • Decreased pain.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Increased ability to do normal daily activities. 
  • Reduced risk of similar issues in the future. 

You’ll even find that our physical therapists can work with you right in your own home through our virtual therapy service. 

Contact our team today for more information about our cervical radiculopathy treatment options or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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