Inner Knee Pain Running

What can lead to inner knee pain while you’re running?

Running has become a more popular form of exercise than ever before. For one thing, almost anyone can do it, and it’s easy to maintain a safe distance from other runners in most cases. 

However, running can also lead to a host of issues, including inner knee pain. This type of pain is also called medical knee pain, and it’s often caused by conditions that runners can easily develop. Physical therapists can help you learn what issue is causing your inner knee pain while running. These specialists can assist you by effectively treating your medial knee pain, too. 

Three issues that can cause inner knee pain while you’re running: 

  1. Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury — The MCL is one of the four ligaments that helps support your knee joint. It also helps connect the shinbone and thighbone. Suddenly landing wrong or twisting your knee too much as you run can injure this ligament. MCL injuries tend to cause pain. They can also lead to swelling and joint instability. 
  1. Pinched nerve — A branch of the sciatic nerve runs around the inside of your knee. This branch is called the peroneal nerve. There isn’t much cushioning on this nerve from the bone where it runs around the inside of your knee. As a result, something as simple as crossing your legs for too long can pinch the peroneal nerve. In turn, this can lead to inner knee pain while you’re running. 
  1. Plica syndrome — The knee is surrounded by a membrane called a synovial membrane. Plica are small folds in this joint lining. When plica in the medial knee become irritated, they can cause pain. People with plica syndrome may also hear crackling sounds from their inner knee. 

What can physical therapists do to treat inner knee pain you feel when running? 

Addressing issues that cause medial knee pain is something physical therapists are completely capable of doing. Some common therapy techniques that your physical therapist may use to treat your pain are: 

  • Graston Technique® sessions designed to help reduce tension and break up scar tissue in muscles that support your knee. 

SOL PT offers top-notch treatment for medial knee pain while running

Fed up with feeling inner knee pain while you’re running? Our specialists at SOL Physical Therapy are prepared to help you find effective treatment for your pain. We’ll start by evaluating your knee to pinpoint the cause of your medial knee pain. Next, our physical therapists will build you a therapy plan that’s specifically designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Our patients can even sign up for virtual therapy sessions that they can use to treat their pain from home. 

Contact our team today for more information about our knee pain treatment options or to schedule an initial appointment to begin treating your pain. 

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