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In Focus with SOL


6 Tips For Handling Side Stitches

You have a beautiful trail in front of you, upbeat music blasting from your headphones, enjoying your run no matter the distance or intensity, and then it happens. A pesky cramp comes out of nowhere and takes your breath away. Almost every runner has experienced...
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5 Tips To Avoid Injury During The Running Season

‘Tis the season for weekend fun runs, charity 5Ks and multi-stage team relays. It’s also the season when physicians and physical therapists treat the highest number of injuries related to running. From plantar fasciitis and IT band friction syndrome to pain in the knees, hips,...
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Patient Results with SOL Physical Therapy

In such a short amount of time, my knee has come a long way

“Before coming to SOL my knee was in pretty rough shape in both strength and mobility. I had been experiencing a lot of stiffness and popping, and overall discomfort. After all the time I have had at SOL, my knee has come a long way....
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SOL Performance Training Client Results

Training at SOL brought me out of pain + into racing excellence for Bay2Breakers race

“In September I was hit by a car while running and suffered a broken neck, a tibial plateau fracture, and the fracture of both big toes. After multiple surgeries, months of immobility, PT, and a closed manipulation procedure, I was functional. However, I wanted to...
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Picture of Runners

Don’t Break That Dorito! (And 3 other tips for avoiding shoulder cramping while you run.)

Do you experience cramps in your shoulders when you run?   The solution to your problem is 4 simple steps away: Step 1: Unclench those fists! Avoid running with tight fists. Let your hands relax. Pro-Tip: Imagine running with a potato chip between your fingertips....
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