Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Stretches for Pain

Shoulder stretches for pain — working with a physical therapist

Shoulder pain can strike for so many reasons — repetitive motion injury, sports-related injury and conditions related to the aging process. In some cases, the pain can go away in a very short period of time or it could be the result of an incurable...
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Neck and Shoulder Pain Exercises

Two neck and shoulder stretching exercises used in Oakland, CA

The combination of neck and shoulder pain is likely a familiar one for many Oakland, California, residents. In many cases, pain in these areas is caused by poor posture, and it can also be the result of overly tense muscles. To help ease your pain,...
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Suffering From Tendinitis or Tendinosis?

You’re 3 tennis matches into the afternoon. You felt good after your first match, but 2 sets into your second match your elbow flared up with pain. With each forward swing, backhand, and serve, the pain got worse. It didn’t go away well after the game was done....
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Patient Results with SOL Physical Therapy

After shoulder pain, I’m back to the activities I love.

“Prior to PT with my physical therapist, my shoulder was very sore, and I felt limited in what I could do and timid in using my shoulder for regular daily activities. Since my sessions with my SOL physical therapist, I have noticeable improvements and have...
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Understanding Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Our shoulders are designed like a ball and socket, but very different from the deep sockets that hold our hips. In fact, many compare shoulder sockets to a golf ball sitting on a tee.  Because these sockets are so shallow, our shoulders rely heavily on...
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