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Don’t Break That Dorito! (And 3 other tips for avoiding shoulder cramping while you run.)

Do you experience cramps in your shoulders when you run?   The solution to your problem is 4 simple steps away: Step 1: Unclench those fists! Avoid running with tight fists. Let your hands relax. Pro-Tip: Imagine running with a potato chip between your fingertips. Don’t break that dorito!   Step 2: Keep your shoulder […]

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Running Injuries and How ART Can Resolve Pain

Running injuries are commonly attributed to faulty biomechanics, muscle imbalances, improper recovery, overtraining, and errors in training methods.  Overtraining can include the “too much too soon” dilemma:  somewhere the breakdown occurs due to a joint or muscle that is overworking and this results in tissue overload.  This results in pain, inflammation, injury and the inability […]

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Patient Results with SOL Physical Therapy

In such a short amount of time, my knee has come a long way

“Before coming to SOL my knee was in pretty rough shape in both strength and mobility. I had been experiencing a lot of stiffness and popping, and overall discomfort. After all the time I have had at SOL, my knee has come a long way. The mobility in my joint has increased dramatically. The popping […]

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SOL Performance Training Client Results

Training at SOL brought me out of pain + into racing excellence for Bay2Breakers race

“In September 2013 I was hit by a car while running and suffered a broken neck, a tibial plateau fracture, and the fracture of both big toes. After multiple surgeries, months of immobility, PT, and a closed manipulation procedure, I was functional. However, I wanted to go beyond functional and get back to running and […]

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Green Cormorant Run Club

Join the Green Cormorants for their Birthday Dash Fundraiser!

If you’ve never heard of the Green Cormorant Run Club, SOL is extremely excited to introduce you to them and their amazing mission. Founded by Oakland native Pat Der  (SOL’s very own awesome front desk coordinator), and his partner in crime Rich Pinkard (who is an Oakland native in his heart), the Green Cormorants are on a mission […]

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SOL’s Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Paul Du Bois for being SOL’s Athlete of the Month for March! Paul has been training at SOL Performance for the past six months and has kindly shared his story with us: Background “I don’t have much of a fitness background. I pretty much only rode bikes around the Berkeley and Oakland hills […]

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SOL’s Athlete of the Month!

SOL Physical Therapy is proud to acknowledge Gyll Turteltaub as SOL’s July Athlete of the Month! Check out her testimonial below about working out with SOL’s very own Nina Patterson, MPT, CSCS, OCS, for the past year at SOL Performance. “I want to start off by saying that Nina and SOL rock! I have tremendous respect for Nina’s […]

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Returning to competition

Returning to competition after an injury can be tricky! Dr. Phil Wagner, M.D. and founder of SPARTA Performance Science, offers insight into the process of coming back from a major surgery or a minor setback.  The question he poses is, “Are you fit enough to return to your sport?” Dr. Wagner emphasizes the importance of validity in this […]

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