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Fun Balance Exercises for the Elderly

Fun balance exercises for elderly physical therapy patients

As we get older, our risk of injury due to falling increases. One of the biggest causes for this is a decline in our balance...
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Knee Pain When Walking

Five reasons your knees may hurt when walking

Your knees are some of the most important joints in your body. They support a lot of your body weight and provide movement in your...
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Arthritis Treatments

What is good for you to try to help treat arthritis pain?

Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in the joints, which affects your daily life and prevents you from enjoying some of your favorite activities. There is...
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Kinesiology Tape Benefits

How can kinesiology tape benefit your knees?

Have you ever seen athletes wearing wide bands of tape around their joints and wondered what that tape is for? This is known as kinesiology...
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Sprained Ankle Recovery Time

What is the typical recovery time for a sprained ankle?

Your ankles contain several ligaments that help hold together the bones in these joints. If the ankle is twisted or rolled too far into an...
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Herniated Disc Treatment

How physical therapists provide treatment for a herniated disc in the neck

The vertebrae in your spine are separated by flat, round discs of fluid. These discs prevent the vertebrae from grinding against one another in movement...
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