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Personal Training Studio

Two benefits of working out in personal training studios

You may have never heard of a personal training studio, but this type of workout space can have many benefits for you. These studios can...
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Pilates Exercises for Beginners

Three easy Pilates exercises for beginners in Oakland, CA

Pilates is a form of exercise and meditation that’s similar in some ways to yoga. One reason so many people in Oakland, California, are adding...
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Kinesiology Tape Benefits

Three benefits Oakland, CA, locals get from kinesiology tape

It wasn’t very long ago that kinesiology tape was something most of us only saw on professional athletes on our television. Oh, how quickly times...
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Personal Training Benefits

Three personal training benefits that can boost your fitness

Many people may think that working toward fitness goals is a solitary process, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Working out with a friend...
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Small-Group Training Workouts

Three common types of small-group training workouts

It’s no secret that small-group training can help people get active and have fun, but you may not know what types of workouts are commonly...
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Herniated Neck Disc Treatment

Three tips for herniated neck disc treatment

Car accidents and impacts from playing sports can lead to many types of injuries. For instance, they can cause herniated discs in the neck. A...
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