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Small-Group Fitness Class in Your Area

Four reasons you may want to find a small-group fitness class in your area

Exercising is an important part of keeping your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints healthy to help reduce and prevent chronic pain and stiffness. However, when...
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Personal Training Benefits

Five benefits of exercising with a personal trainer

Exercising should be an important part of your life. It helps keep your muscles strong and flexible, which helps reduce stiffness in your joints and...
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Neck and Shoulder Pain Exercises

Two neck and shoulder stretching exercises used in Oakland, CA

The combination of neck and shoulder pain is likely a familiar one for many Oakland, California, residents. In many cases, pain in these areas is...
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What Is Pilates Good For

Three things Pilates is good for in Oakland, CA

Have you been thinking of trying Pilates in Oakland, California? There are lots of reasons you should give this type of workout a try. Pilates...
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How to Release Muscle Tension

Three ways you can release your muscle tension

Do you deal with aches and pains every day? Odds are that tense muscles could be the reason for this daily discomfort. If you have...
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Types of Fitness Classes

Three types of fitness classes that could benefit you

There are so many fitness classes out there that it can be hard to choose one. From yoga to HIIT training classes, the choices range...
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