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Understanding the how and why of moving well helps us aspire to move often. Welcome to the Functional Movement Experience!  – SOLPT

SOL Functional Movement

SOL Functional Movement is a 60 minute primer course on functional movement and exercise recovery.  Through participation in the training, you will develop the core strength and mobility necessary for improved performance across all forms of movement.

If your goal is to improve everyday movement, SOL Functional Movement will provide the skills you need. If your goal is to improve sports performance, SOL Functional movement is an excellent complement to an existing workout regimen and to our other small group trainings.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

Small group sessions are available weekdays for one hour. Classes available include Functional Movement, Kettlebell Conditioning, TRX Suspension Training, Strength Training, Bootcamps, and more.

Small Group Pricing:
$25/drop in
$99/mo unlimited

Until I started training with SOL, I hadn’t developed both upper and lower body strength. All those dead lifts, swings, Turkish gets-ups and squats have given me some nice muscle definition, too. My husband keeps asking me to help him move and carry heavy objects now that I’ve gotten so much stronger. I laugh and tell him that my muscles are purely for looks, but it is very empowering to know that you are physically strong and fit. – A.P.

SOL Kettlebell Conditioning

This 60 minute session is one part amazing workout and one part skill building program.  If you’re unfamiliar, the kettlebell is an all-in-one extreme gym in one tiny (or sometimes not so tiny) handheld weight. When handled properly, Kettlebells train the body as it’s meant to be trained – as a linked, interconnected unit.

SOL’s Kettlebell Clinic is an educational workout designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of proper kettlebell techniques. While our coaches teach you fundamental hip, shoulder, and core mechanics for pain-free use of the kettlebell, you will experience improvement in strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged.


Hitting every major muscle group and firing up your core, get ready to sweat with this total-body TRX Suspension Training workout, utilizing gravity and your bodyweight! – SOLPT

SOL TRX Suspension Training

SOL TRX Training is a 60 minute session that will challenge every major muscle group in your body. Developed by Navy SEALS, the TRX Suspension Training system includes a diverse set of resistance-based exercise movements that  simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability – with the ultimate goal being to build the core strength that fuels performance and prevents injury. Weighing less than two pounds, the TRX delivers greater performance and functionality than larger exercise machines.

SOL’s strength and conditioning specialists work to make each workout unique, and are pros at modifying the intensity to fit each individual in the training. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Last week I went on a backpacking trip and I noticed a huge improvement in my ability to balance on and move quickly over boulders and logs with a big pack. ….I felt much more confident in my strength and balance generally than I did on similar trips last summer, and I that’s a direct result of the work I’ve been doing with my SOL trainer. -B.P.

SOL Strength Training

SOL Strength is 60 minute training that provides you with a full body, maximum strength workout using a combination of mobility, functional movement, and traditional strength training.

Using dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, the TRX suspension system, kettlebells and more, SOL’s strength and conditioning coaches will train you in proper body mechanics and foster improved posture based upon your individual needs.You will learn how to get strong using a wide variety of tools without compromising a lifetime of free movement.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged.


As your skills progress, you will burn fat, increase flexibility, increase strength, increase your VO2 max, maximize speed and gain explosive strength. P.D.

SOL Bootcamps

SOL Performance Bootcamp is a 60 minute high-intensity workout with a uniquely SOL twist.  When you participate in a SOL Performance Bootcamp, you will get a total body conditioning session with a coach who cares about making sure you’re working hard and smart. 

In addition to making sure you get a vigorous cardiovascular workout, SOL coaches place emphasis on warming you up properly, helping you perfect your exercise techniques, and teaching you proper cool downs.  All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.


The future of the workout experience and the missing link to your personal transformation success.  SOL Small Group Sessions are “big enough for fun but still small enough be the very best quality in the Bay Area!”

How Can I Provide Feedback?

You will find our Trainers and Staff approachable and timely with any questions about your care. Please communicate your needs or questions to your Trainer or other Staff member at any point. You may also use our contact form with questions and requests.


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