physical therapy for hip bursitis

Treating hip bursitis with physical therapy

Hip bursitis is one of the many conditions that can cause pain and stiffness in your hips. Inside of your hips, there are tiny sacs of fluid called the bursae. These are supposed to prevent the tendons in your hips from rubbing against the bones and becoming irritated. However, overuse of the hips in physically exhausting activities or a traumatic impact to the hips can cause the bursae to become inflamed. When this happens, you develop the painful condition known as bursitis.

How did I get hip bursitis?

Hip bursitis can develop for a number of reasons. Anything that causes repetitive physical stress on the hips or a direct impact to the hips can cause hip bursitis. One example of people who commonly develop the condition are athletes who run up and down hills frequently.

You can still get hip bursitis if you’re not an athlete. Walking with poor gait, such as putting too much weight on one leg because of an injury, can lead to the development of hip bursitis. 

What can physical therapy do for hip bursitis?

The primary goal of physical therapy for hip bursitis is to improve your hip strength and flexibility. This helps reduce stress and pressure off the hips, so the bursa has more space to calm down. Stronger and more flexible hips also help prevent the development of bursitis again in the future.

Physical therapists have many techniques they use for treatment. What’s used in your treatment will depend on the cause and severity of your hips bursitis, as well as personal factors like age, weight and medical history.

Generally, physical therapy treatments for hip bursitis include:

  • Gentle stretches and exercises
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Posture guidance
  • Patient education and more

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