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Kinesiology Tape Benefits

Three benefits Oakland, CA, locals get from kinesiology tape

It wasn’t very long ago that kinesiology tape was something most of us only saw on professional athletes on our television. Oh, how quickly times change. These days you can see this colorful tape on people in your local gym in Oakland, California. However, many people still aren’t aware of the many benefits that kinesiology tape can offer.  

1.   Improves circulation

The biggest benefit that kinesiology tape is designed to offer is improved circulation. When you are suffering from an injury, inflammation can restrict nearby blood vessels. This can make it harder for the body to get the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing to the injured tissues. Kinesiology tape is designed to gently lift the skin away from the injured area. By doing so, it can help relieve pressure on the blood vessels and improve circulation.

2.   Doesn’t limit range of motion

If you’ve ever tried to walk around with conventional medical tape on, you know how restrictive tape can be to movement. One of the benefits of kinesiology tape is that it’s designed so that it has a minimal effect on your movement and range of motion. For example, the tape is designed to stretch up to 60% longer than its original length. This means that a 10-inch piece of kinesiology tape can stretch up to 6 inches in length and then return to its normal length. Kinesiology tape’s stretching ability allows it to move with you, and makes it perfect for supporting knees and other highly mobile joints during exercise. 

3.   Lasts longer

Most types of athletic tape are only able to stick to you for a few hours, but kinesiology tape benefits you by sticking for days. This tape has a specially designed acrylic adhesive that’s activated by the heat of your body, and the adhesive is applied to the tape in a wave pattern. This unique pattern allows the adhesive to more effectively conform to the whorls and waves of your skin. Kinesiology tape also has pores like skin does, and this means that air can get to your skin. It also means the sweat of those hot Oakland summers will still dry off you when you’re wearing the tape. Also, the tape is treated with a water-resistant compound that helps keep moisture from seeping into the tape itself. The combination of all these features means that you can work out, shower and still keep wearing kinesiology tape for up to five days. 

Let SOL Physical Therapy help you get the benefits of kinesiology tape

SOL Physical Therapy in Oakland is proud to offer kinesiology taping. We often use this therapy technique in our personalized therapy plans for sports injuries, car accident injuries and work-related injuries. However, your plan won’t be limited to using kinesiology tape, and it may also include therapy techniques like: 

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