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Functional Rehabilitation Program

Functional rehabilitation programs for residents in Oakland, CA

No matter what your age and ability level is, everyone’s body and movement patterns have small imperfections that make us vulnerable to injury and other issues. If you’re an athlete, being sidelined by pain and injury can be extremely frustrating, as it can take you away from a sport that brings you excitement and joy. 

With our functional rehabilitation programs at SOL Physical Therapy, not only can we get you back into action when the time comes, but we can give you a stronger and more resilient body that can help you avoid the development of new injuries in the future. If you’re an Oakland, California, resident looking for functional rehabilitation, take a moment to learn more by reading over the following information. We welcome any questions you have and invite you to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more. 

Overview of functional rehabilitation

There are core elements to any injury rehabilitation program. Working with a physical therapist will generally include taking steps to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and increase range of motion. This assists the body’s natural healing process while helping to stabilize and take pressure off the injured area. 

Our functional rehabilitation programs at SOL Physical Therapy build on these fundamental elements while also offering the following: 

  • Functional movement screening — To identify and address imbalances and problems with your kinetics
  • Selective functional movement assessments — Help you and your therapist target everyday movements that may be contributing to your issues
  • Agility and kinesthetic training — Designed to safely progress athletes back to pre-injury levels of fitness and motor functioning 

You will also receive guidance from our expert clinicians on when it is safe to begin your return to your chosen sport or activity. It is critical not to rush this part of the treatment process as trying to do too much too soon can increase the risk of re-injury or the development of new injuries. 

Functional rehabilitation at SOL Physical Therapy

At our beautiful Oakland clinic, it is our mission to provide personalized care to everyone who comes to us seeking the relief and return to function they deserve. 

Start your rehabilitation journey today when you contact our dedicated team to schedule your initial appointment.

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