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Don’t let chronic joint pain stop you — Try physical therapy

Chronic joint pain is a common affliction among American adults. Conditions like arthritis make it painful and difficult for you to move your joints, which can limit your ability to accomplish daily tasks or enjoy your favorite activities. However, chronic joint pain doesn’t have to define how you live your life.

While certain conditions, like arthritis, cannot be cured, treatments for chronic joint pain can help reduce the pain and improve your range of motion. One treatment that benefits many patients with chronic joint pain is physical therapy.

How physical therapy helps with chronic joint pain

Physical therapists are highly skilled licensed medical professionals who can examine your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan to help manage your pain. Each physical therapy treatment looks a little different for everyone, but generally, you can expect your treatment routine to include:

  • Therapeutic exercise and stretches — Exercising and stretching are at the core of most physical therapy treatments. The goal is to improve the strength and flexibility of targeted muscles and soft tissue groups. The benefit of improved strength and flexibility is better structural support for your joints and more freedom for movement.
  • Manual therapy — Soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization are examples of manual therapy techniques that help with joint pain. Physical therapists use manual therapy to help reduce pain, improve range of motion and break up any scar tissue that might be causing you problems.
  • Posture guidance — Poor posture contributes to an increase in joint pain. Your physical therapist will examine your posture and help you make adjustments that can reduce your joint pain.
  • Patient education — Your physical therapist can help you identify some ways to make daily life with chronic joint pain easier. For example, they can help you make a strategy for reorganizing your home, or they might show you how to safely move around with assistive walking devices, such as a walker or a cane.

Visit SOL Physical Therapy for chronic joint pain treatment

Are you suffering from chronic joint pain that keeps you from enjoying your daily life? Our team at SOL Physical Therapy can help. We can examine your condition and guide you through a personalized treatment routine to help you manage your condition. Contact our team today for more information about chronic joint pain or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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