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Small-Group Personal Training

Three tips to get more out of small-group personal training

Many people prefer to work out alone, and this is often because they feel awkward and shy when working out around other people. However, it may be time to ditch the solitary workouts. Small-group personal training sessions can be a fantastic way to improve the effectiveness of your workouts. Even if you’ve already discovered the benefits of this type of training, you may be able to get even more out of your sessions by using these three tips:

1.   Listen to the group members

Many people only listen to the personal trainer during a small-group personal training session, and they forget to listen to their fellow group members. Taking the time to listen to the other members of your group can help you get more out of your sessions. For example, one of your group members may be having a problem with a specific type of exercise that’s similar to an issue you’re having. By listening to their question or concern as well as what the personal trainer tells them about fixing the problem, you can help make your own workout more effective.

2.   Learn from the mistakes of others

Learning from the mistakes of other group members is another way you can increase the benefits of your small-group personal training sessions. Let’s say that you’ve been considering trying one of the many fad diets that keep popping up on the internet. While talking with one of your group members, they may say that they’ve tried that particular diet, and they may tell you that it didn’t provide the results they were looking for. This may be enough for you to reconsider trying the diet, which can be a huge time saver and help you dodge the frustration of trying a diet that doesn’t work.

3.   Support other group members

Another way to get more out of small-group personal training sessions is to do your best to support your fellow group members. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture of support. You may notice that the person next to you is struggling with a specific exercise that you’ve also struggled with, and you offer them some advice to help make the exercise easier for them. Providing this support can give you a more positive outlook on your fitness. This is because you’ll realize that you actually have progressed. It can also make it more likely you’ll get support from other group members when you’re struggling. 

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