Exercise Classes

Three benefits of doing exercise classes with a physical therapist

It’s hardly a secret that exercise can benefit people, and each type of exercise can offer different health benefits. 

For instance, strengthening exercises can help build up your muscles. They can also promote better blood flow in your muscle tissue. Cardiovascular exercises can help improve your heart health and improve blood oxygen levels. Unfortunately, only about 21% of Americans exercise every day to gain these advantages. 

One way to get in some more physical activity is to take an exercise class with a physical therapist. Doing so can offer benefits that go beyond those of exercising on your own. 

Going to exercise classes taught by physical therapists can offer these three benefits: 

  1. Better musculoskeletal system understanding — Physical therapists are trained in the intricacies of the human musculoskeletal system. This system contains soft tissue like muscles, tendons and ligaments, and it also includes your bones. 

Their deep knowledge allows physical therapists to understand how each part of the musculoskeletal system interacts with the others. They can impart some of their knowledge to you during your classes. This can help deepen your understanding of this vital body system. 

  1. Increased safety — A physical therapist also has experience judging factors like muscle strength and joint range of motion. This knowledge can help them make sure your workouts are safe. For instance, they can identify exercises that aren’t compatible with your current fitness level. They can also show you how to do movements that meet your needs that are safer for you. 
  1. Higher effectiveness — Doing exercises improperly can decrease their effectiveness. It can also increase your risk of a workout injury. Physical therapists can keep an eye on your form as you go through an exercise routine. In addition, your specialist can recommend form adjustments that are specific to you, and these adjustments can increase the effectiveness of your workouts. 

SOL PT offers exercise classes run by physical therapists

Are you looking for exercise classes led by a physical therapist? You can find these types of classes at SOL Physical Therapy. Our team offers a wide range of small-group fitness classes that can help improve your fitness safely and efficiently. Some of the classes we offer include: 

  • Functional movement
  • Kettlebell conditioning
  • TRX suspension training
  • Strength training
  • Bootcamps

Contact our team today for more information about our small-group training sessions or to schedule your initial training session with our team.