SOL TRX Training

Improve sports performance, lose weight, and gain strength.


SOL TRX Suspension Training

SOL TRX Training is a 60 minute session that will challenge every major muscle group in your body.

SOL’s strength and conditioning specialists work to make each workout unique, and are pros at modifying the intensity to fit each individual in the training. Using timed intervals and the TRX Suspension Training system, you will build strength through the use of your own body weight.

Level: All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Recommended (But Not Required) Pre-Req: SOL Functional Movement

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The TRX Suspension Training System

Developed by Navy SEALS, the TRX Suspension Training system offers a diverse set of resistance-based exercise movements that offers something for the entire body.

Utilizing a system of ropes and webbing, called a “suspension trainer,” users gain extreme benefits by working against their own body weight. TRX exercises simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability – with the ultimate goal being to build the core strength that fuels performance and prevents injury. Weighing less than two pounds, the TRX delivers greater performance and functionality than larger exercise machines.

The six easy to learn, basic body positions, can be modified to allow for hundreds of exercises that fit any body at any level of fitness.

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In addition to TRX suspension training, SOL Performance offers plenty of high quality small group training for you to choose from.

All Small Group Sessions are held at SOL Performance Training at 4341 Piedmont Ave #103 Oakland, CA.

Call us at (510) 547-1630 if you have any questions about group training, one-on-one personal training, or physical therapy services.

Space in each Group Session is limited, so reserve your spot ASAP!

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