Pain in Hands and Fingers Not Arthritis

I don’t have arthritis. Why do I feel pain in my hands and fingers?

You’ve had tests and X-rays on your hands and fingers, and the results are conclusive. Your hand and finger pain is not being caused by arthritis. 

The reality is that arthritis is far from the only reason that people feel hand and finger pain. Your hands and fingers are complex structures, and issues with many parts of them can trigger pain. The wide variety of possible hand and finger issues is one reason why medical researchers estimate that up to 26% of people develop pain in these body parts. 

A physical therapist can help you figure out why you have pain in your hands and fingers that’s not caused by arthritis. They can help you find effective ways to treat the source of your hand and finger pain, as well. 

Three reasons why you may feel hand and finger pain that are not arthritis: 

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome — Many people associate this condition with the wrists. Yet carpal tunnel syndrome can also trigger pain, numbness, and tingling in your hand and fingers, too. These symptoms are most commonly felt in the pointer finger, ring finger, index finger and thumb. 
  1. Fractures — There are 27 bones that make up each of your wrists, hands and fingers. This means there are plenty of opportunities for fractures in these areas. People who have finger or hand fractures may experience pain and other symptoms, such as: 
  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness to the touch.
  • Bruising.
  • An inability to move the affected area normally. 
  1. Tendinitis — Each finger and thumb on your hand contains a flexor tendon that helps it bend. Tendinitis occurs when these tendons become inflamed. Typically, these injuries occur due to the battering that your hands take while playing sports or doing physical jobs. They can also happen as a result of doing repetitive activities like typing. 

Find help for hand and finger pain that’s not caused by arthritis at SOL PT

Living with a painful hand or finger issue that’s not arthritis? Our SOL Physical Therapy team can help you address the aching in your hands and fingers. We can do a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the root cause of your pain, and our specialists also excel at building personalized treatment plans designed to reduce the pain of many wrist, hand and finger issues. You can even sign up for virtual physical therapy sessions with us and treat your pain without leaving home. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help with your wrist, hand or finger problems or to schedule an initial appointment.

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