Fun Balance Exercises for the Elderly

Fun balance exercises for elderly physical therapy patients

As we get older, our risk of injury due to falling increases. One of the biggest causes for this is a decline in our balance due to reasons such as reduced muscular strength and range of motion and a general lack of physical activity. An increased sedentary lifestyle can actually create a vicious cycle where declining faculties make us less likely to be active and lack of activity leads to a sped-up process of degeneration. 

Balance exercises can provide significant benefits in terms of stability and functioning to help counteract these forces. By making them fun, elderly patients in need of motivation are able to find the motivation they need to make staying active a regular part of their lives. This is why we’re happy to share this informative overview of how physical therapists are able to make balance training engaging and even entertaining. 

Physical therapy balance training and exercises for seniors

Older patients seek balance training from physical therapists for a range of reasons, including post-operative rehabilitation, injury recovery prevention and long-term management of conditions like arthritis and vertigo. When meeting with a physical therapist initially, one of the first steps is an evaluation that will include movement and balance testing to establish a baseline. 

Using this information, you and your therapist can work together to develop a balance training program designed to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Improve coordination between the eyes and body
  • Strengthen important stabilizing muscles
  • Increase range of motion through gentle stretches
  • Promote stability through repetition of certain movements

Making balances exercises into a fun activity can sometimes be elusive — and the relationship between you and your therapist plays a big role. That’s why finding a clinic that values patient-centric care is so important. 

SOL Physical Therapy loves making balance exercises fun for the elderly — and all patients

At SOL Physical Therapy, our mission is to understand your needs and treatment goals to develop an effective therapy program that helps you get back to the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. Our team are firm believers that patients who are having fun and enjoying their experience will be more likely to commit to balance and stability training on a long-term basis. 

Start your journey to wellness by contacting us today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment with a member of our talented team.

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