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Five benefits of physical therapy for knee pain treatment

Constant knee pain is a problem for many reasons. Besides the discomfort of the pain itself, a sore or stiff knee can make it difficult for you to run, jump or simply walk around your home. Even worse, knee pain can affect your balance and lead to a potentially harmful fall.

Treatments for knee pain vary depending on your condition and its cause, but in many cases, knee pain can be treated with the use of physical therapy. 

There are many benefits to treating knee pain with physical therapy. Take a look below to discover five major benefits of physical therapy for the knee.

1. Lower need for medications

People often turn to medications when they’re in pain. Medication might help mask the pain for a while, but it can fail to treat the cause of the pain. This leads to continued pain and can build up a dependency on the pain medications you’re using.

Physical therapy helps reduce and manage pain, so you may not have to rely as much on pain medications. 

2. Lower need for surgery

If a condition develops far enough without treatment, it can lead to the need for surgery. This is a problem because surgery is invasive, risky, expensive and painful. Physical therapy can help you address your issues early on enough to lower your need for surgical intervention.

3. Improved mobility

Knee pain can limit your ability to move around, do your work or enjoy your favorite activities, such as playing with your children or pets. Physical therapy treatments include methods specifically designed to help improve your strength, range of motion and mobility, so you can move around more freely.

4. Improved balance

Knee pain can cause you to lose balance when standing or walking. This is potentially dangerous because loss of balance can lead to a harmful fall. 

Physical therapists can guide you through exercises that help improve your balance and lower your fall risk. 

5. Reduced pain in the future

It’s not enough to just treat your pain. Physical therapists want to help you prevent further pain from developing. Many of the techniques used to help manage existing pain can also help prevent further pain.

Physical therapists can also guide you through posture improvement and other techniques that can help keep the pain away.

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