T-Bone Accident

3 ways physical therapy can help if you’re injured in a T-bone car accident

We’ve all seen it in an action movie. One car runs right into the side of another car, and the other car goes spinning away or smashes into another car or nearby object. 

This type of car accident is known as a T-bone accident, and in real life, such accidents aren’t as much fun as they seem on the big screen. They also make many of the millions of car accidents that occur every year. A T-bone accident can often cause you to be injured. If this happens, you should consider turning to a physical therapist for help with your injuries. 

Physical therapy can help you recover from T-bone accident injuries in these 3 ways

There are severe forces unleashed on your body during a T-bone accident. These forces can lead to a wide range of injuries, such as fractures, neck injuries and shoulder injuries. Ways physical therapists can help with these injuries include: 

  1. Helping you recover function after a fracture — Fractures are typically placed in a hard or soft cast to heal. However, weeks or months in a cast can lead to wasting in the muscles around the fracture site. Physical therapists can help you address muscle weakness after you get your cast off. They can also help you improve your ability to perform normal daily activities. For instance, they can help you improve your ability to grip objects if your hand was in a cast after a car accident. 
  1. Treating neck issues that result from whiplash — A T-bone accident can cause your head to move violently from side to side. This violent movement is known as whiplash, and it affects up to 83% of people involved in collisions. Whiplash can also cause a variety of issues in your neck, such as sprains, strains and herniated discs. Physical therapy can help ease the symptoms of these neck injuries. It can also help prevent them from becoming chronic or long-term problems. 
  1. Addressing shoulder injury symptoms — Having another car run into the side of your car can be hard on your shoulders. For instance, the impact may catapult one of your shoulders into the door, window or another hard surface. This could lead to a rotator cuff tear or another shoulder injury. Physical therapists can evaluate your shoulder after a car accident to determine how it has been injured. They can then use many PT methods to reduce your injury symptoms. 

SOL PT is ready to help you recover from a T-bone accident injury

Were you injured during a T-bone accident? Our SOL Physical Therapy team is primed to help you recover from your injury. This recovery process can take place in one of our clinics, but it may also include meeting with our physical therapists in virtual PT sessions. The vehicle of your recovery will be the personalized treatment plan that we create exclusively to fit your needs. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help with your car accident injuries or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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