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Hip Pain Treatment Without Surgery

You can get hip pain treatment without surgery in Oakland, CA

Constant pain can make your life difficult and wear you down mentally and physically, and this is especially true when the pain is coming from your hip. The hip is required to do many normal activities people do every day in Oakland, California, such as walking and sitting down. Hip pain can make it hard to do even these normal tasks, and that’s why you may be considering surgery for your pain. Before you go under the knife, though, you should consider physical therapy techniques that can offer hip pain treatment without surgery in Oakland.

Anti-gravity cardio

Trying to move the hip as little as possible is a natural reaction to hip pain, but not moving the hip can actually increase your pain. This is because lack of movement causes the muscles that support the hip joint to tense up, and the increased tension can place more stress on an already painful joint. 

Low-impact cardio is one physical therapy technique used to combat increased muscle tenseness in hip pain treatment without surgery. Tools like the AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill allow therapists to get you moving with a lot less stress on your hip. This innovative device has a mechanism that helps hold a part of your weight. It can even be set to support 100% of your body weight, and this means the stress on your hip can be gradually increased as joint function improves. In turn, more movement reduces muscle tension, which can help reduce pain. 

ELDOA method

Stretching the fascia is another technique that can be used in hip pain treatment and can also help you avoid surgery. Fascia is a type of connective tissue that’s found throughout the body, and in the hip, it’s a major component of hip muscles, tendons, bones and cartilage. 

Many physical therapists use the ELDOA method created by French osteopath Guy Voyer to stretch this connective tissue. In layman’s terms, this treatment stretches fascia by using specifically designed postures and movements. The stretches help the joint by increasing the space within it, which can lead to benefits such as: 

  • Improved joint movement
  • Increased blood flow to the joint
  • Better joint posture
  • Reduced joint pain

Both of these nonsurgical hip pain treatments can be found at SOL Physical Therapy

If you’re looking to treat hip pain without surgery in Oakland, SOL Physical Therapy has a clinic in town that can help. We offer a variety of treatment options, including anti-gravity cardio and the ELDOA method, but the treatments aren’t the only things we offer. We’ll also provide you with unparalleled support and encouragement throughout your treatment. 

Take the next step to begin your hip pain treatment with us. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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