Symptoms of Tendinitis

What are the common symptoms of tendinitis?

This is an excellent question for you to ask if you think you have tendinitis. The symptoms that you experience may not be the same as those that others with the same issue have. Yet there are certain general symptoms that can indicate if you have tendinitis. A physical therapist can help you learn common general symptoms of tendinitis, and they can also help you treat the symptoms and root causes of tendinitis. 

Five common symptoms of tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs when a tendon in your body becomes irritated or inflamed. This issue is commonly caused by repetitive movements that you do at work or while playing sports. One medical study reports that nearly 12% of the workers surveyed had tendinitis or a related condition. 

Physical therapists have the background knowledge to diagnose tendinitis by the signs it typically presents. Some of these common signs include: 

  1. Pain that worsens when you move. 
  2. Swelling around the affected tendon. 
  3. Heat and redness in the affected area. 
  4. A feeling of crackling or grating when the tendon moves. 
  5. Difficulty moving the affected area normally. 

What can physical therapists do to help treat your tendinitis symptoms?

Physical therapists aren’t only able to diagnose tendinitis; they can also be very helpful at treating the signs of this musculoskeletal disorder. A few of the therapy methods that your therapist can use to help you are: 

  • Graston Technique® intended to realign muscle fibers and reduce tension on the injured tendon. 

SOL Physical Therapy offers effective treatment for tendinitis symptoms

Are you ready to get top-notch care for your tendinitis? Our SOL PT team is prepared to help you get the high-quality physical therapy you need to treat your tendinitis. We’ll start by evaluating the affected area to confirm that you have this issue. Then, our physical therapists can build you a personalized therapy plan designed to: 

  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve mobility and flexibility.
  • Increase your ability to perform normal daily tasks. 
  • Decrease your risk of future injuries. 

You can even sign up for virtual therapy sessions with our team that allow you to get help right from your own home. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can treat your tendinitis or to schedule an initial appointment.

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