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What Are Pilates Exercises?

What are Pilates exercises? A guide for residents in Oakland, CA

The term Pilates is common enough that most people know it as a form of exercise, but since it has become popular in recent years, it is new enough where it is common to have questions about it. Pilates exercises, also known as the Pilates method, are a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. The goal is to promote the overall health of the body by taking a balanced approach that develops core strength, flexibility, good posture and stability. 

In addition to helping people achieve fitness goals, Pilates exercises can also be integrated into physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to help people regain functionality and promote the healing process after an injury. At our clinic in Oakland, California, SOL Physical Therapy provides personalized treatment and training programs that implement the Pilates method. To help you better understand how Pilates exercises can help, we’ve prepared the following guide. 

How can Pilates exercises help with wellness goals? 

The musculoskeletal system is highly interconnected, which means that so many injuries and sources of pain are often rooted in functional problems in the body. For example, knee injuries can be caused by an issue with your stride and gait, while poor posture is a frequent contributor to back pain. 

By improving the overall function of the body, Pilates exercises can help address these problems. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits Pilates can offer to a physical therapy program: 

  • Stronger supporting muscles to relieve pressure on the spine and joints
  • A better sense of body awareness and posture for more natural movement
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion to lessen the likelihood of strains and sprains

In addition to in-office sessions, therapists can give you instructions on how to properly perform Pilates exercises at home. 

Pilates exercises with the team at SOL Physical Therapy

Pilates can be a highly effective part of a holistic treatment program that includes other therapeutic exercises and manual therapies like massage and joint mobilization. At SOL Physical Therapy in Oakland, we know that no two patients are alike, which is why we custom-tailor every treatment program according to everyone’s individual needs and backgrounds. 

Don’t wait another day to start your journey back toward the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. Learn more about our full range of treatment options by contacting us to schedule your initial appointment today.

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