Auto Injury Treatment

Three techniques you didn’t know physical therapists could use for your auto injury treatment

Auto accident injury treatment is a huge part of what physical therapists do. For one thing, auto accidents can lead to many types of injuries. Many of these injuries may not be life threatening. But they can still have a long-term effect on your health and well-being. 

Another reason physical therapists treat so many auto accident injuries is the sheer number of these injuries. Police departments reported there were more than 1.9 million Americans injured in car accidents in 2019, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you should see a physical therapist as soon as possible. That way they can get to work helping you feel better faster! 

Three physical therapy methods used in auto accident injury treatment

Auto accident victims with injuries can find short- or long-term care from a physical therapist. These professionals can help you recover from your injuries by combining different types of treatment methods. The methods your physical therapist chooses will be tailored to meet your needs. A few of the techniques they might include in your auto injury treatment plan are: 

  1. Virtual physical therapy — This is a form of physical therapy that can help those with a car crash injury. A virtual physical therapy session involves you meeting with your physical therapist over an online video feed. It’s helpful because patients can avoid the rigors of traveling to a physical therapy clinic. Virtual PT sessions can also help ease stiffness and pain caused by car accident injuries.  
  1. Graston Technique® — Car accident injuries often present with soft tissue damage, such as a muscle strain or ligament sprain. The Graston Technique has been clinically proven to reduce pain in soft tissue by manually manipulating it with a series of gentle strokes. 

The technique works like this: The therapist will use a curved metal tool on the skin overlying the injured tissue. They will use the tool to apply gentle pressure to this area. The pressure is intended to break up scar tissue that has built up in the damaged soft tissue. This can help restore blood flow, reduce swelling, and stimulate healing so you can get back to your normal routine and activities.   

  1. Active Release Techniques® (ART)ART is a therapeutic technique used by many physical therapists. This PT method can be very effective for treating musculoskeletal pain caused by car accident injuries. To perform this technique, the physical therapist applies a gentle, sustained pressure on the injured soft tissue with their hands. The pressure allows them to stretch the injured tissue and release any adhesions or scar tissue that may be present in the area. 

This therapy method can enhance blood flow, which in turn can reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, ART uses a “contract and relax” approach. This allows your physical therapist to find the optimal stretching position for you so that your comfort and results are maximized. 

SOL Physical Therapy can be your auto injury treatment partner

Injuries sustained in car accidents can be complicated and painful. For many, the injuries linger long after they’ve healed on the outside. Our SOL Physical Therapy team can use proven treatment methods to address auto accident injuries like whiplash or muscle strain. We’ll start by examining you to determine which injury you have. Then, our physical therapists will build you a unique treatment plan that includes the techniques most likely to help your injury. 

Contact our team today for more information about our auto injury treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment to start treating your injury.