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Small-Group Personal Training

Three small-group personal training features to look for

These days it seems like there is a type of personal training out there for almost everyone. One type of training that has become popular in recent years is personal training in groups. In many ways, this type of training can benefit your fitness, but there are some features you should be looking for if you want to get the greatest possible benefit. Here are three small-group personal training features you should look for when choosing a training group: 

1.   Goal-oriented

One feature of effective small-group personal training is that it’s goal-oriented, and it’s important to make sure the group goal matches your own. It doesn’t make much sense to join a running training group if your goal is to improve core strength. While it’s true there may be some overlap in this case, the exercises performed by the group will likely be focused on running movements, and many of them could be difficult to perform if you don’t have good core strength already. In turn, the difficulty you face could cause you to become discouraged and give up on training completely. 

2.   Flexible

Another small-group personal training feature to look for in your group is flexibility. In this case, flexibility doesn’t mean having limber muscles. Instead, it means the trainer leading the group should be able to adjust the exercises to fit each member’s fitness level. Now, ideally, the members of the training group would have about the same fitness level, but you might have difficulty doing specific exercises. For instance, you may have injured your knee and have trouble doing squats. The mark of a great group is a trainer who can help you find ways to modify the squat exercise so that you can still do it, or they should be able to help you learn exercises that are easier for you to do that work the same muscles. 

3.   Diverse

Boredom has been the death of staying fit for many people, and an important feature of fantastic small-group personal training is exercise diversity that helps keep boredom at bay. After all, there aren’t many people who want to do the same exercises in every session. What you want is a training session that uses a wide range of exercises, and this helps challenge your body in different ways. By using different exercises, training equipment and fitness techniques, the group session can help keep your mind and body engaged and growing. 

SOL Physical Therapy offers many types of small-group personal training

Our SOL Physical Therapy team knows how beneficial small-group training sessions can be, and that’s why we’ve developed many different types of group sessions. We offer you the chance to improve your fitness, follow your interests and keep boredom at bay with session options like: 

  • Functional movement
  • Kettlebell conditioning
  • TRX® suspension training

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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