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Three Signs that You Need Physical Therapy

Three signs that you need physical therapy

At some point, living with chronic pain becomes routine. We all have aches and pains as we age, and we have come to accept these as a normal part of life. However, aches and pains that interrupt your lifestyle should not be acceptable. You only have one life to live, so why settle for sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else live the lifestyle you want? 

If you’re ready to get off the sidelines and reclaim the quality of life you once enjoyed, then you should research the types of treatments available to you to help reduce your chronic pain. For many people, conservative, noninvasive treatments like physical therapy can help reduce chronic pain in the neck, back, knee, hip and other joints. Take a moment to read through these three indicators that it may be time for you to seek physical therapy treatment for your chronic pain.

Know the warning signs

Chronic pain does not often sneak up on people. However, most people don’t really pay attention to it until it takes over their lifestyle. At this point, though treatment is still available, it may take much longer to find relief. In order to live your best life, it’s important to pay attention to the warning signs that you may need physical therapy, such as:

      • Your pain is chronic — Chronic pain means pain that consistently lasts longer than 12 weeks. Some doctors would argue that any pain that lasts longer than two weeks needs treatment so it doesn’t worsen. Either way, if you are experiencing pain daily or consistent pain during certain movements, it’s a good indication that you should see a physical therapist. 
      • Your pain interrupts your lifestyle — This one is often the one that gets people’s attention. Think about the last time you played golf or gardened or did any of the other hobbies you used to enjoy before this chronic pain kicked in. Wouldn’t you like to get back to that? Chronic pain that interrupts your lifestyle and keeps you from participating in the activities you enjoy should be seen by a physical therapist. 
      • Your pain worsens with certain movements — Pain that gets worse (sharp, stabbing pains or just stronger pain) with certain movements should be seen by a physical therapist. This is an indication of an injury, and it requires treatment in order to heal.

Typically, chronic pain does not treat itself. Without intervention, pain often gets worse with time. And the longer you wait to contact a physical therapist or other health care provider, the longer your recovery time may be. 

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