ACL Rehabilitation Exercises List

These exercises can boost your ACL rehabilitation

Stopping suddenly, abruptly changing direction and knee impacts all have something in common. They can cause an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Often, such injuries happen while you’re playing a sport, and serious injuries to the ACL can require surgery. 

Surgery can affect muscles, ligaments, fascia and other soft tissue. ACL rehabilitation from a physical therapist can be vital to helping you recover faster after surgery, and these professionals can use many therapy methods to benefit you. One of the most beneficial therapy techniques used in ACL rehabilitation is a personalized list of therapeutic exercises.

Why do you need ACL rehabilitation?

After ACL surgery, you could face challenges. Some patients find it harder to control their quadriceps or thigh muscles after knee surgery. Others find that maintaining strength in the hip, knee and ankle of the affected leg is difficult, and it can also be hard to preserve the range of motion in these joints. A program of individualized ACL rehabilitation from an experienced therapy specialist can help you deal with any of these post-surgical challenges. 

Therapist-recommended ACL rehabilitation exercises list

The exercises included in the list that a therapist develops for ACL rehabilitation will vary. After all, each patient responds to surgery and injuries in different ways. However, there are some exercises that physical therapists commonly recommend after an ACL surgery, and the most common of these are the: 

  • Sitting calf stretch
  • Sitting hamstring stretch
  • Quad set
  • Ankle pump
  • Seated heel slide
  • Prone hip extension

SOL Physical Therapy can help you develop a personalized ACL rehabilitation plan

At SOL Physical Therapy, we’re proud to offer beneficial therapy that can help treat ACL injuries. We use free screenings that are intended to reveal how your ACL injury is affecting you. Our team can use this information to build you a personalized treatment plan that includes a list of the ACL rehabilitation exercises that are right for you, and your therapy plan could also include therapy methods such as: 

Don’t wait to start getting our help after your ACL surgery. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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