Golfer’s Elbow Symptoms

The five most common golfer’s elbow symptoms

Do you play golf a lot? Do you do lots of repetitive movements of the elbow and wrist at work? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the symptoms you’re feeling in your elbow could be caused by medial epicondylitis. 

The more common name for this condition is golfer’s elbow, and this condition accounts for up to 20% of all epicondylitis cases. Golfer’s elbow occurs when the medial epicondyle tendon becomes inflamed. This issue can lead to many different symptoms, which may vary a bit by person. A physical therapist can determine if you have symptoms of golfer’s elbow. These specialists can also help you effectively treat medial epicondylitis. 

These are the five most common golfer’s elbow symptoms

Physical therapists are trained to treat musculoskeletal disorders, which is the category that medial epicondylitis falls into. Some of the common symptoms that your therapist will look for when examining you for golfer’s elbow include: 

  1. Pain on the inside of your elbow.
  2. Discomfort when twisting your arm or making a fist. 
  3. Tenderness on the inside of the elbow. 
  4. Swelling on the inside of your elbow or forearm.
  5. Numbness or tingling in the elbow, forearm or hands. 

What can your therapist do to treat golfer’s elbow symptoms?

After making sure you have these symptoms, your physical therapist will take steps to treat your medial epicondylitis. Building you a unique therapy plan will be one of these steps. Often, such a plan will incorporate many therapy techniques, including: 

  • Graston Technique® sessions that can help prevent the buildup of scar tissue in your healing elbow. 
  • Therapeutic exercises that focus on strengthening the muscles that support your elbow. 

SOL Physical Therapy can help treat your golfer’s elbow

Need help treating the symptoms of golfer’s elbow? Our therapists at SOL PT are primed to help you find the effective treatment you need. We can examine your elbow to confirm that medial epicondylitis is responsible for your symptoms. Furthermore, our specialists are adept at constructing individualized therapy plans that can reduce symptoms and prevent their return. 

Is your condition making driving to our clinics difficult? No worries! You can use our virtual therapy service to get effective care for your golfer’s elbow from home. 

Contact our team today for more information about our therapy services for elbow issues or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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