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Sports Therapy Healing and Injury Prevention

Sports therapy should be about healing and prevention

Sports therapy is often a necessity at some point in every athlete’s career. Injuries do not discriminate against whether you are a student, professional or recreational athlete. And when those injuries occur, you need to make sure you get it properly treated in order to prevent future chronic pain from developing. 

Often, sports therapy treatments focus on healing the injury. While this is an important step in the treatment process, it is not the only step. One focus that many sports therapy providers miss is prevention. At SOL Physical Therapy + Performance, we train our athletes on how to help reduce the risk of future injuries. After we treat the current injury, we use state-of-the-art tools to measure movements so we can train our athletes on exactly how to move their bodies during play to help avoid injuries in the future. We don’t just focus on the immediate solution; we plan for your future success. 

Techniques used to treat and prevent sports injuries

We offer many techniques to help treat a sports injury. Each sports therapy plan is tailored specifically to the athlete, the type of injury sustained and the athlete’s recovery goals. While we specialize in a number of evidence-proven sports therapy treatments, some of the most common methods we use to treat the injury and to help reduce the risk of future injuries include:

  • Physical therapy — Physical therapy focuses on strength and flexibility. This can include strengthening the muscles surrounding a damaged joint, or rebuilding muscle strength after a tear. As we rebuild the muscle, we work on restoring full range of motion to that part of the body so your game doesn’t suffer.
  • Kinesio taping — Kinesio taping helps support weakened muscles and joints, reduce inflammation and scar tissue buildup, and improve circulation to that section of the body. While on its own, Kinesio taping does not heal a sports injury. This type of treatment is often used in conjunction to bolster the impact of other types of sports therapy. 
  • Functional rehabilitation — Functional rehabilitation is a type of sports therapy that measures your movement and trains you on how to properly move your body in a way that reduces pressure on your joints. This can help reduce the risk of reinjury. 

Our sports therapy treatments are customized to each athlete and focus not only on getting you back in the game, but keeping you there longer by helping to reduce the risk of future injuries. 

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