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7am-7pm M-F 510-547-1630

Chelsea Nicholas PT, DPT

"Pain can be an opportunity for change and the ability to create new habits."


Dr. Chelsea Nicholas uses her positive upbeat energy and compassion to guide her patients throughout their rehabilitation process. One of her favorite parts of being a PT is that she absolutely loves to watch her patients progress and transform to achieve their goals and bring to light new discoveries about their capabilities. She is always excited to encourage and motivate her patients, especially during the tough times, and reminds them of how much they’ve already achieved. While she may have a happy and cheerful demeanor, she enjoys challenging patients with new exercises (while still cheering them on, of course!) Continuous education is a key priority for Chelsea, both for herself as well as her patients. She gets excited about learning new theories and techniques in PT. She strives for good communication and education for her patients so they develop a better understanding and awareness of their treatment and reduce the risk of potential injuries.

Chelsea’s initial love for PT began when her grandpa needed to learn to walk again. She saw how motivating, kind, and caring his therapists were through his recovery. From there her journey led her to working for a start-up company to create programs to prevent injuries and develop a health and movement culture for corporate businesses and city employees. She then had the opportunity to work at a clinic dedicated to caring for patients with chronic pain, where she helped teach and educate patients on how to control and manage their pain through movement and exercises. After exploring the different spectrums of Physical Therapy and how it can help everyone, she was ready to start graduate school at Northeastern University in Boston, MA to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Outside of her love for PT, she enjoys swimming, surfing, writing fiction, dancing, working out, and binge-watching her favorite shows.

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