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Small Group Fitness

Small group fitness classes for all levels in Oakland, CA

Deciding to make improvements to your physical health is not an easy decision to make. It can be difficult to develop a fitness routine if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can also be hard to stay motivated when things get tough. Fortunately, you don’t have to work out alone. You can join a small group fitness class.

At SOL Physical Therapy in Oakland, California, we offer a variety of small group fitness classes for people of all levels. Each of our classes focuses on different areas of emphasis such as strength, aerobics and balance. Some classes hit all of these areas.

What is small group fitness training like?

Every small group fitness class is different. Some classes have just a couple of people, while others may have a bigger handful. Either way, there will never be more than about 10 people in a small group fitness class. This is because keeping the group small offers more advantages than filling up the class with a bunch of people.

Some of the advantages of small group fitness training include:

  • Price — Small group fitness classes tend to be more affordable than one-on-one personal training sessions. This is possible because the cost of the training is shared amongst the group. Large groups may be even less expensive, but these classes aren’t as efficient as small group classes.

  • Motivation — Pursuing your fitness goals in a small group setting helps keep you motivated. First, you’ll likely develop friendships with the people in your group. This means you’ll look forward to being with people you like whenever you go to your next session.

    Second, your personal trainer and your fellow small group members can encourage you to keep pushing when you feel like you’re stuck.

  • Attention — In a large group setting, it’s hard to get personal attention from a personal trainer. In small group fitness classes, a personal trainer can take the time to show you how to safely and correctly perform specific exercises.

Visit SOL Physical Therapy in Oakland for small group fitness

Would you like to join a small group of people with similar fitness goals as you? At SOL Physical Therapy, we offer multiple classes where a variety of people can meet their fitness goals. Contact us today for more information or to sign up for a class.