You get the best up-to-date physical therapy treatment at SOL!

I would like to acknowledge the best physical therapists of the many I have worked with in 18 years.  My SOL Physical Therapist has given me relief from hamstring pain I have had since tearing my MCL in 1995. He was the first to introduce me to the Graston Technique to accomplish this.

At age 68, having undergone 4 spinal surgeries with associated nerve damage and a knee replacement, my mobility and balance are severely impaired. SOL has worked with me to walk again for extended distances and time. I can walk my dog  in uneven dirt and on the beach with confidence. I can walk with the cart for groceries and Home Depot. I would not go otherwise if I wasn’t able to find an electric cart 6 months ago. I can now carry my own groceries. I live upstairs for the first time in a long time. My balance is getting better to the point that I now challenge myself when walking.

I think the best thing my SOL PT did for me was to teach me to get up and down from the floor and to it without anything other than my own body. This is the best example I have of confidence building, which motivates me to be more active and live my life.

I would remiss if I did not acknowledge the staff at SOL who taught me exercises I can do in my home to help my balance endurance and provide the ability to walk while my PT was away. The crew at the front desk are all efficient, caring special people–every business owner would love having them make the first impression for their company.

You get the best up-to-date treatment available in physical therapy at SOL. Thank you to all of them.  -BD


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