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NFL player finds home at SOL

This NFL linebacker is no stranger to training and the physical demands of his profession. He understands the value of great treatment and taking care of his body, especially post injury.  He found SOL two years ago and shares his experience rehabbing and training with Tammara Moore, DPT and the SOL staff:

“I met Tammara, and was led in the direction of SOL by another trainer I knew from the Raiders, about two years ago during one of our bi-weeks with the (Cincinnati) Bengals. I injured my hamstring, and initially, they weren’t going to let me go home, but I insisted I needed to see a specialist in California, so I met Tammara. She did treatment on my hamstring that entire week, and gave me different correctional exercises to do, and evaluated further. After that week, I went back to finish the season and then returned to California once the season was over.

During the off-season, I came to SOL consistently and made it part of my training regimen to get treatment from Tammara and workout. She helped me address different imbalances I had. This was especially important coming right off the season, in January and February, when I just wanted to focus on addressing imbalances in my body, not just do a bunch of heavy lifting.

She put me through the FMS and SFMA. For me, SOL was a good, early off-season program, and I came in about 3 times per week. It was important for me to take a preventative approach. I then returned to Cincinnati to complete off-season training with the Bengals and later came back to California for the summer.

SOL has been my second home. Whenever I come back, Tammara always welcomes me with open arms. I’m able to work on different imbalances that I may have, like my hips always being tight, proper firing of the glutes, little stuff like that, which is important to clean up in order to make sure the bigger muscles are firing; this helps my overall performance in training camp and working out on my own.

I like coming to SOL because of the quiet and private atmosphere. You get specialized attention from the best in the industry.  The special thing about SOL is that everyone is always ahead of the curve.  I go to SOL about 2-3 times per week; they are part of my training family. And no matter who I work with, I trust the care I’m getting because Tammara always has a great staff!”


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