Physical Therapy Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) may be utilized to make an initial determination about how an injury (or illness) affects a person’s ability to work.  Our physical therapists at SOL Physical Therapy offer FCE services that are rooted in science and use objective standards to collect reliable information about current functional and vocational status and estimate potential function and work status.

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

A 4 to 5-hour assessment designed to systematically determine an individual’s current functional abilities regarding a variety of activities. The evaluation includes an interview and history, self-assessment tools, and physical testing for position tolerances, mobility, and dynamic strength.

At SOL Physical Therapy, our FCE can help answer questions like:

  • Can a person return to work safely?
  • What type of job can a person physically handle?
  • What are the person’s safe lifting tolerances?
  • What work accommodations could be made in order for the person to return to duty?
  • What is the next appropriate step in regard to rehabilitation?
  • What are the person’s cardiovascular and physical endurance limitations for working?
  • What are the person’s positional tolerances for standing, sitting and walking?

Baseline FCE

Our baseline FCE can help determine whether an individual is fit to perform a wide range of job duties, if they are fit to perform a limited range of duties, or if they are still unfit to return to work at the current stage of their recovery.


Our team always uses standardized, scientifically proven methods, tools and techniques to ensure that the results of an FCE are accurate and reliable.


The results we determine from our FCEs are always fair and unbiased. The methods we use are objective and trustworthy.


We present FCE results in a clear, simple format that can help the individual and their employer make a decision in the individual’s work status.

Legally defensible

The results of an FCE may need to be scrutinized in a court under circumstances, such as in a legal lawsuit involving an individual and the employer. Our team performs FCEs within acceptable standards, and the results are definable in courts.

Contact SOL Physical Therapy today for functional capacity evaluation

If you or someone you work with needs an FCE to assess the ability to return to duty, contact SOL Physical Therapy today. We can provide an accurate, reliable FCE that can help you and your team safely determine the status of an individual’s ability to return to their duties.