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Fitness Classes Near Me

Five reasons to start looking for fitness classes near you right now

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many negative impacts on Americans. It has kept many people shut up at home, and most of us have avoided contact with others whenever possible for months now. 

For many people, the pandemic has also led to a decrease in their physical fitness. One recent study reports that 85% of its participants reported that they hadn’t engaged in moderate or strenuous physical activity at all. Increasing your physical activity post-pandemic is a goal you should strive to meet. For some people, meeting this goal may mean beginning to look for fitness classes near them now. 

Here are five reasons to start looking for fitness classes near you right now: 

  1. Finding classes you’re interested in — Not everyone is going to be interested in doing the same kinds of fitness classes. Doing some research before your local providers open up can help you get an idea of what kinds of classes you might want to try. 
  1. Getting yourself on the list — As more and more people are vaccinated, people will have an increased comfort level with fitness classes and other public events. At first, there may also be a limited selection of classes in your area. Starting your search early can help you get signed up for a class or classes before they fill up. 
  1. Helping you shed the “COVID 19” — The phrase “the COVID 19” has become popular slang for weight that many people gained during the pandemic. One new survey reports that 61% of the U.S. adults who responded reported undesired changes in their weight during COVID-19. Searching for fitness classes near you now can help you make a start on shedding that pandemic poundage. 
  1. Allowing you to interact with people — One reason many people have gained weight during the pandemic is that they haven’t had access to their support network. Getting back to your fitness classes allows you to interact with trainers again in person. It can also allow you to interact with fellow workout group members face to face. Such in-person interactions can boost your mood and increase your willingness to work out more. 
  1. Helping you avoid injuries — Your lower physical fitness level can also make you more susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries. Fitness classes near you can decrease your risk of injury. For one thing, they often have a beginner’s level, which allows you to ease back into working out. Additionally, classes are staffed by trained fitness instructors who can help ensure you’re doing exercises properly. 

Find exciting fitness classes near you at SOL PT

Looking for stimulating group fitness classes near you? Our SOL Physical Therapy team offers fitness class options that fit the bill. Our classes are done in small groups that allow exercisers to interact with one another but still get personalized assistance from the class leader. Some of the classes our team offers are: 

  • Functional movement
  • Kettlebell conditioning
  • TRX suspension training
  • Strength training
  • Performance boot camps

Contact our team today for more information about the small-group sessions we offer or to schedule an initial appointment.