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Chronic Ankle Instability Treatment

Find your chronic ankle instability treatment in Oakland, CA

Rolled the left ankle playing tag at 12 years old. Sprained the same ankle playing football four years later. Ankle was sprained again coming down the stairs a few years ago. These may sound like entries in three different people’s medical records, but they could also describe the experience of a person with chronic ankle instability. Fortunately, you can find physical therapists to help you with chronic ankle instability treatment right here in Oakland, California. 

What is chronic ankle instability?

When the ligaments of your ankle are loose and cause frequent ankle injuries, you may have chronic ankle instability. This condition is often caused by incomplete or ineffective treatment for your first sprained ankle. It also tends to result in frequent ankle sprains after the first one, and these additional injuries will only cause the condition to worsen if not treated correctly. Other indications that you may have chronic ankle instability are: 

  • Balance issues
  • Weak ankle muscles
  • Ankle pain
  • Poor foot posture

To help treat chronic ankle instability, you should consider seeking physical therapy in Oakland. 

Physical therapy techniques used for chronic ankle instability treatment

Oakland-based SOL Physical Therapy offers techniques that can treat your chronic ankle instability. Of the many methods at our disposal, there are two that we most commonly use for this condition. 

1.   Pilates

One of the most important aspects of chronic ankle instability treatment is increasing the stability of the ankle. Pilates can help with this because it uses many movements that help improve the strength of ankle muscles. The greater strength of these muscles can help lend much-needed support to unstable ankles, and it can take the pressure off overstretched ankle ligaments. Reduced pressure and increased stability give the ankle ligaments a chance to heal. 

2.   Compression therapy

Compression therapy in the form of compression socks can be a great tool for chronic ankle stability treatment. However, pneumatic compression boots can offer even more advantages to your treatment. These boots reach up to the top of your thigh, and they’re designed to place intermittent pressure on the legs, ankles and feet. They can also be programed to only target your ankles, and this can help improve ankle circulation, which can speed up your recovery. It can also help reduce fluid buildup around the ankle, and this can reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. 

Find out more about our chronic ankle instability treatment options 

SOL Physical Therapy has a team that’s ready to bring all of our resources to bear on your chronic ankle instability. All you have to do is take the next step to get our help. 

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