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Functional Rehabilitation Center

Find a functional rehabilitation center here in Oakland, CA

Functional rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy intended to help people recover from many types of injuries. The best place to find this type of therapy in Oakland, California, is at a functional rehabilitation center, but you may want to know a bit more about such clinics before choosing one. 

What can they help treat?

One thing you should know before choosing your functional rehabilitation center is what they treat. Sports injuries are one issue that this type of clinic can help with. For example, they can help treat common injuries like sprained ankles and tennis elbow. 

Another thing these locations can help treat is work-related injuries. For instance, they can help people find treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. They can also help you deal with back pain caused by movements you do at work. Additionally, functional rehab centers can treat people with chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis. 

How do they treat your issues? 

Functional rehabilitation centers tend to use several types of exercises to help people treat sports injuries, work injuries and chronic pain conditions. For example, they’ll help athletes learn exercises that improve agility, which is important because increased agility can help prevent future sports injuries. 

These centers can help people with work-related injuries learn how to improve muscle strength. In turn, this can help improve sitting, standing and lifting posture. Improved muscle strength can also lead to a decreased risk of another work injury. 

Flexibility training is a common exercise type used in functional rehab. This type of training can be useful for athletes and injured workers, but it can be especially helpful for people with chronic pain conditions. This is because improved flexibility of muscles and joints can help decrease pain. It can also make it easier to perform routine daily tasks like walking, cooking and cleaning. 

SOL Physical Therapy is a functional rehabilitation center near you in Oakland, CA

Our SOL Physical Therapy team in Oakland offers all the help you’d expect from a top-notch functional rehabilitation center. We can help people treat many injuries and medical conditions. Our team also designs treatment plans that are personalized to each patient. In addition to functional rehab exercises, we can help you recover by using treatment methods like: 

Don’t wait to start getting our help with your injury or medical condition. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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