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Conservative Knee Pain Treatment

Conservative options for knee pain treatment

Conservative knee pain treatment is a category of treatments that are noninvasive, meaning they don’t require surgery. For many patients who have suffered from chronic knee pain for years, surgery has become a consideration. However, there are often ways to help reduce the pain and strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint without the need for knee surgery. 

At SOL Physical Therapy + Performance, we use proven techniques to help treat the source of your pain without resorting to surgery. Our team creates customized treatment plans that are specific to the cause of your condition, and we walk with you every step of the way to help you reach your recovery goals. Many of our patients are able to return to the active lifestyle they enjoy after completing our knee pain treatment plans and other methods of physical therapy. 

Three conservative knee pain treatment methods

If your chronic knee pain treatment has kept you from living the active lifestyle you once had, it’s time to look into conservative knee pain treatments to help you regain your quality of life. At SOL Physical Therapy + Performance, we offer a number of conservative treatments designed to target the root cause of your pain. Whether an old sports injury or natural deterioration of the joint is to blame for your knee pain, we can help you find relief and get back to your favorite activities. 

Three of the most common treatments we offer for chronic knee pain include:

  1. Physical therapy — Physical therapy is a conservative method of treatment that focuses on restoring strength and flexibility to the injured area. This includes custom movements and exercises to help rebuild the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee in order to promote a healthy range of motion in the joint.
  2. Active Release Techniques — Active Release Techniques help to target the scar tissue surrounding an injured joint. When scar tissue develops, it can cause the surrounding muscles and ligaments to tighten, which in turn can trap nerves and cause chronic pain. Over time, as these muscles and ligaments continue to hold that tension, the range of motion in the joint is decreased. Our Active Release Techniques help to target and reduce scar tissue in the knee in order to improve your range of motion and release pressure on the pinched nerve that is causing your pain.
  3. Functional rehabilitation — Functional rehabilitation is an extension of physical therapy that focuses on movement. During this rehabilitation phase, we will work with you to measure your movements to ensure that your joints are properly aligned during activity in order to help reduce future injury. We will help you retrain your muscles to achieve the optimal strength and range of motion available during your recovery. 

With our conservative knee pain treatments, we can help you find the relief you have been looking for.

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